Youth Job Link (YJL) provides career exploration and skills development workshops to help inexperienced youth enter the workforce. As the goal of this program is to help youth get their foot in the door, extra support is provided for students (15-18 years old) who have no work experience.

Registration for the YJL program is open all year-round. For more information, or to register, fill out an information request form or contact: 1-888-336-9500.

Program Benefits

  • Full-time, part-time and summer jobs
  • Free access to our job board and job matching services
  • Free career exploration and management workshops
  • School and work transition support
  • Up to $300 upon employment

Program Details

  • Serves youth who are unemployed (15 – 29 years old)
  • Extra support for students with no work experience (15-18 years old)
  • Job opportunities are year-round – part-time during the school year and both full-time and part-time during the summer
  • Workshops are ongoing and can be started at any time
  • Registration is always open

$300 upon employment

Program participants who are 15-18 years old with no work experience maybe eligible to receive $300 upon employment. These funds are intended to cover common expenses when starting a new job, such as transportation to and from work, lunch money or even a new pair of shoes. At times, these funds may be paid to employers as a hiring incentive, rather than being paid directly to program participants.

Upcoming YJL Workshops

For more information, or to register, click one of the YJL events below.

Youth Job Link Workshops

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YJL Info Sheet

Since 1997 the percentage of youth, aged 15-24, who are neither in the labour force nor enrolled in school has risen to 16%.
Source: Statistics Canada, October 2015

Eligibility and Suitability


In order to be eligible for the YJL program, students must be:

  • 15-18 year old and in school at time of registration
  • Eligible to work in Canada
  • Resident of Ontario


In order to be eligible for the YJL program, youth must be:

  • 15-29 years old at time of registration
  • Eligible to work in Canada
  • Resident of Ontario


In order to be eligible for the YJL program, employers must:

  • Provide program participant with standard employment terms, conditions and benefits; including placement on payroll
  • Offer a job placement based in Ontario
  • Be licensed to operate in Ontario
  • Not receive government funds for the same job placement
  • Not displace existing staff or replace laid-off staff
  • Not hire immediate family (e.g. parents, spouse or child)
  • Not be a federal, provincial or municipal government agency
  • Not be a service provider for Employment Ontario
  • Maintain good standing regarding: