Success Story – Ontario Equine Education and Employment Program

Want to get started working with horses but don’t know how? The Ontario Equine Education and Employment Program (OEEEP) is here for you! This is a FREE program which provides education, job search and preparation support, and exposure to industry professionals.

Cheena, an enthusiastic participant, who found out about this opportunity through a YWCA flyer, describes her experience as a lifestyle change. She explains that the OEEEP program provided her with the best combination of academic knowledge and on-the-job placement that is an absolute essential to starting out in the equine industry.

Cheena appreciated the support and guidance from the entire OEEEP team from the start of the program to completion. The process begins with reflecting on the purpose of a participant’s Equine journey, with online help to refresh soft skills through training and discussion. In the end, all participants are aided in finding a suitable placement or workplace according to everyone’s skills and interests. The OEEEP team keeps in regular contact with all participants to discuss progress, offer advice advise regarding suitable career paths in the future, and in coordinating other placement opportunities.

Cheena works at a rehabilitation facility for retired racehorses and looks forward to the daily care of her horses, keeping them healthy, and providing them with as much nurturing as needed to help them prepare for their next role. She hopes to enroll in additional Equine courses to gain more experience with a goal of becoming a facilitator once she gains more experience.

The Ontario Equine Education and Employment Program is for everyone who is interested in working with horses or looking for a career change. Register now to gain the necessary skills and knowledge to work in the industry. With convenient online learning, job search support, and opportunities to learn directly from industry professionals, OEEEP is an excellent choice for anyone interested in the Equine industry.

Upcoming information session will be hosted virtually on August 29th, September 6th, and September 12th. To apply, please register before September 11th. Space is limited!

Covered in Virtual/live class meetings:

  • The Horse Anatomy, Physiology, Gaits and Behaviour
  • Basic Handling and Safety Skills and daily management
  • Horse Health and Disease Prevention
  • Nutrition and Facility Management
  • An introduction to the Ontario horse industry and employment

Eligibility and Suitability:

  • Passion/Interest in working with/caring for horses
  • Unemployed or underemployed
  • Not in full time education/training
  • 15+ years of age
  • Ontario resident and legally entitled to work in Ontario

Benefits of the Equine Program:

  • Building Connections within the Equine Industry
  • Job placements for new graduates
  • Learn from Equine Industry experts