Anyone who has struggled to find work or fill a vacancy knows that finding the right employer or candidate can be difficult. To help motivate people facing employment challenges and to showcase how our staff can help, we collect and share our most inspiring Success Stories.

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Canadian Youth Basketball League

“The Youth were given an opportunity to learn employment skills with an agency who supported their individual growth.”
Sophia, Canadian Youth Basketball League

Finding Work After Relocating

"Working with a VPI career specialist was the best choice I made as a job seeker. Not only did I get excellent advice on how to promote my skills to employers, but they also helped me secure related job experience."
Andrea, former job seeker

Workshops for a first-time job seeker

"The most life changing part was the confidence I gained in my own ability and experience. I now 100% believe what I tell my interviewers, and so do they."
Natasha, former job seeker

Hiring Events for difficult to fill roles

"The staff is amazing, you can tell how much they care not only about the employer but in finding individuals positions that will complement their skills."
- Sarah, ClubLink

Funding for training

Funding to Upskill your Staff

"On a scale of 1- 10, I would give the program a 10 - It has really helped our business!"
Kavitha, MTech Ltd.

Hiring events with qualified candidates

"VPI's services were exactly what we were looking for... All the little details were taken care of, saving me a great deal of time."
Rena, Human Resources Manager, Procor Limited

Starting a Second Career

"Career specialists actually take the time to talk with you to make sure you know all of your options and to make sure you are picking what is right for you."
Michael, Second Career program participant

Programs to help pay for staff training

"I was able to introduce an in-house training program using my own staff, since my staff are now trained. It’s a great program!"
Malik, Business Manager, AMB Driving School