Anyone who has struggled to find work or fill a vacancy knows that finding the right employer or candidate can be difficult. To help motivate people facing employment challenges and to showcase how our staff can help, we collect and share our most inspiring Success Stories.

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Job Search Help for Recent Immigrants

"VPI helps you in getting the basics right and encourages you to never stop trying until you get what you're looking for."

Reliable pre-screened candidates

Employer Success Story: Reliable, Pre-screened Candidates

“VPI is a local company that exemplifies great results.”

success story field of study

Help finding work in your field of study

"I am so very grateful for VPI’s support. I would recommend any close friend of mine to visit and gather career advice."

Helping you achieve your career goals

"The staff at VPI not only help, they go far beyond their limitations to let you know they are there for you."

Programs and encouragement to help with your job search

"VPI helped me see that my experience and skills are transferable and do mean something."

job trials success story

Job trials to help find the right fit

"The most valuable lesson I learned in working with VPI was to never give up. If you’re struggling to find work, there is great, free support available—you just need to seek it out."

Meaningful Employment and Work Experience for Youth

“The Youth were given an opportunity to learn employment skills with an agency who supported their individual growth.”

Finding Work After Relocating

"Working with a VPI career specialist was the best choice I made as a job seeker. Not only did I get excellent advice on how to promote my skills to employers, but they also helped me secure related job experience."