Anyone who has struggled to find work or fill a vacancy knows that finding the right employer or candidate can be difficult. To help motivate people facing employment challenges and to showcase how our staff can help, we collect and share our most inspiring Success Stories.

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Partnerships to help find candidates

“VPI is an excellent partnership...You always help us find good candidates.” – Edon, Sobeys

Finding the right match for your company

“VPI is our go to for solutions that work for us!...They are always there if you need that extra help.” – Kim, 2GalsProPainting

Help gaining Canadian Work Experience

“They genuinely want to help and provide you with all the resources that you need.” – Shashank, former job seeker

Help Building Confidence for your Job Search

"The more we talked the less weight I felt I was carrying on my own... when our appointment was complete I no longer felt I was alone dealing with finding employment."– Nancy, former job seeker

Help assessing your skills

Help assessing and developing workplace skills

"VPI is a great place to assess your skills sets and learn about resources to help you develop and find employment." – Patrice, former job seeker

Support for ongoing hiring needs

“The staff are very quick to react to our needs and happy to help where needed. This service is a great avenue to provide candidates for our business.” – Chris, Napier Supermarkets

Customized support for different organizations

“Working with VPI has made my job easier and I am extremely grateful for their assistance and continued support.” – Shannon, Wastewise Community Resource Centre

Help with hiring for new and small businesses

“Great and helpful organization, especially for new and small businesses!” – Sanaz, The UPS Store