Anyone who has struggled to find work or fill a vacancy knows that finding the right employer or candidate can be difficult. To help motivate people facing employment challenges and to showcase how our staff can help, we collect and share our most inspiring Success Stories.

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Encouragement for your job search

“Thank you for everything you’ve done. You care so much.”

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Support for your growing business

“VPI is a game changer! With their support, we were able to keep up with our hiring demands.” – Anastassia, WellnessLiving

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Finding the right job quickly

"VPI helped me secure a golden opportunity in the most efficient way possible."

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Help reentering the candidate pool

"I was always greeted with a smile and positivity which made me realize I had made the right choice to seek help in my journey back into the workforce."

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Finding Candidates who Fit

"VPI exceeded my expectations by delivering exceptional service." - Marlon, District Stairs

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Help creating an effective resume

" I wanted my resume to stand out and with the tips and tricks I learned through the workshops, I was able to accomplish that.”

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Support for starting your career in the trades

"VPI was always able to answer questions that I had and were there to support me in my job search and followed up to ensure that I was doing well after I had found a job."

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Success Story: Youth Hiring and Retention Subsidies

"It's a win-win situation for small companies that need help with the cost of hiring new employees. VPI is a game changer in my hiring process." – Dionne, Pro-Motions Ltd.