Anyone who has struggled to find work or fill a vacancy knows that finding the right employer or candidate can be difficult. To help motivate people facing employment challenges and to showcase how our staff can help, we collect and share our most inspiring Success Stories.

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Success Story: Help finding work during a pandemic

“Through the support of VPI I was able to navigate a very difficult employment situation.” –Christina, former job seeker

Success Story: Support for quality hiring

“VPI provided me with an interactive, wonderful partnership that resulted in the very best work-force that I could have ever imagined for Hygia.” – Michelle, Hygia Health Incorporated

Success Story: Job searching with confidence

“I learned not to be so hard on myself, and that my skills and education are more valuable than I believe. Working with VPI was a very helpful and pleasant experience.” –Kimberly, former job seeker

Success Story: Support with your job search

“At first I wanted to get a job for surviving...then I started to understand how I can improve myself to get a better position with the help of VPI” – Redouane, former job seeker

Success Story: Programs to Prepare you for your Second Career

“Amazing experience. I was hired on my first interview after my mock interview.” – Carla, former job seeker

Success Story: Virtual support during the pandemic

“VPI provides the means to facilitate and simplify the hiring process.” – Taline, Tax Rescue Inc.

Success Story: COJG funding to help pay for training

“We will definitely work with VPI again. In our geographical area it is very difficult to find Licenced professional employees.” – Paul, Little Rock Farm Trucking

Success Story: Tools to Prepare for Interviews

“The staff are very friendly and are ready to assist, ready to answer all your questions.” – Pauline, former job seeker