Don’t Miss out! The Veteran Friendly Ontario Challenge

The Veteran Friendly Ontario Challenge forges a mutually beneficial partnership between two distinct groups: military veterans and business owners, offering compelling opportunities for mutual growth. Businesses stand to enhance their talent acquisition and retention by refining their recruitment, hiring, and onboarding processes. This endeavour facilitates the recruitment of dependable, long-serving employees who not only value training but also apply these acquired skills effectively.

This cost-free training program serves as a valuable resource for employers seeking enduring workforce solutions. Canadian veterans emerge as a prime source of talent, characterized by their readiness for employment, unwavering loyalty, strong educational backgrounds, and advanced skill sets. With approximately 8,500 members of the Canadian Armed Forces transitioning into the civilian workforce, this talent pool holds significant potential.

In the Hidden Talent podcast, host and President Lisa Taylor underscores the existing gap between veterans and employers, emphasizing that the issue lies not in the veterans’ lack of education but rather in the differences between military and civilian educational experiences. Frequently, veterans are passed over during hiring due to misconceptions about their education. Lisa advocates for employers to delve into candidates’ skills and personalities, as formal education often holds limited relevance to essential job requirements.

In January 2023, Ontario grappled with nearly 372,000 job vacancies, straining employers’ efforts to fill positions. The VFO Challenge assumes a central role in rebalancing the labor market dynamics between employers and job seekers. As a viable solution to labor shortages, many employers can tap into the potential of veterans with limited relevant experience, offering them the necessary guidance to thrive in their roles.

Despite facing significant challenges, veterans remain emblematic of resilience and strength. A substantial number of veterans choose to leverage their experiences by participating in activities such as advocacy, mentorship, and support for fellow servicemen and servicewomen, solidifying their status as invaluable assets to the workforce and society at large.

Dare to accept the challenge? Join the VFO’s challenge virtual meetings on October 26th, November 2nd, and November 9th.