Using Transferable Skills in your Job Search

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Having transferable skills is important to have in a job market that is always in a state of flux. Different transferable work skills can give you an upper-hand in any workplace. But transferable skills can also help you during your job search.

Here are two situations where having transferable skills will be a critical asset in your job search

Applying to Jobs

Transferable skills are a great asset to have if you find yourself looking for work. The main benefit of having transferable skills is that you can apply those skills to almost any workplace.

Sometimes we stumble upon a job posting where we may not have everything an employer is looking for. This might be the case for recent graduates or new immigrants because of a lack of industry experience. Even though you don’t tick all the boxes, you still have the urge to apply because you know you can do the job well.

This is where your transferable skills can come in handy.

For example, let’s say you are a new graduate with a background in computer science and you are worried about a lack of industry experience. Despite years of customer service experience under your belt, you’re worried that this experience is not good enough to land you a job in your desired field. But because of your years of customer service experience, you are probably an expert in problem solving. Trying to help and solve customer problems (and interacting with the unpleasant ones over the years) have helped develop your problem-solving skills.

How can your critical skill of problem-solving help you in this situation?

Well, as it turns out, problem-solving is one of many transferable skills! Problem solving is a skill that can apply to both customer service and computer programming. Since you are an excellent problem-solver, you can add this skill on your resume and show recruiters your expertise.

While it’s true that there is no substitute for experience, more things than you may think can count as “experience”.

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Career Changes

For an increasing number of job seekers, spending a full career at one or two companies is unlikely. People are constantly chasing the next best thing – better benefits, better salary, better work-life culture etc. This is one situation where having great transferable skills can be a useful asset.

Changing your career is an overwhelming decision. Whether you are applying for a different role in the same company or changing to a whole different industry, the uncertainty that lies ahead will surely make you think twice about doing it. It helps you to understand that, with confidence, your experience and your skills can help you take the next step forward.

When it comes to career changes, identifying what transferable skills you possess can help you figure out the next step.

It’s time to update your resume. What skills do you currently use at work now? What skills do you excel in? What skills can you take from this position and apply it to the new position you want? Find your strengths and identify your transferable skills so that you can stand out in a highly competitive job market.

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