Transferable Skills and your job search

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Throughout your life, you have probably picked up some useful skills. But, which of your many skills are transferable?

Transferable skills are skills which you can apply to any job or workplace. They’re valuable when you’re looking for work because employers want candidates who already possess them.

You likely already possess these skills but may not be aware of it. Over the course of your education, career, or personal life, you will have unknowingly developed and improved many different skills.

Take a look at some common transferable skills and see if you have these tools in your tool belt.


Communication is a skill that we use every day, and it is an essential workplace skill. In any workplace setting you are required to communicate; having conversations or discussions, sharing your thoughts, writing e-mails, and even being a good listener all fall under the skill of communication.

Having great communication skills means that you can effectively communicate with others and they can clearly understand your message.


Knowing that you can easily integrate yourself into an existing team is a key trait that employers seek in applicants. Great teamwork skills mean having the ability to build relationships and work well with others. If you have ever participated in group projects at school, volunteered with others or even played sports; you have had the opportunity to learn about teamwork.

In a professional setting, even though you may think you are an independent worker, you are still part of a company with many moving parts. Learning how to effectively work well with others in your company is an important key to success.

Work Ethic

If you consider yourself to have a strong work ethic, then chances are you are also a highly reliable worker. Having a strong work ethic is a transferable skill that you can bring into any workplace.

Being reliable helps build trust. Your managers have confidence in you and your team trusts you as well.

Problem Solving

Whether you are at work, school, or just enjoying life – problems are always lurking around the corner. People who have strong problem-solving skills can recognize, assess, and solve problems when they inevitably arise.

Having the ability to solve problems and apply prompt critical thinking skills is a trait that employers will always value.


Managing schedules, commitments, and tasks can be hectic. But if you’re someone with good organization skills, you know how to find a way to make it all work. Being organized is a key transferable skill that helps you stay structured in any dynamic work setting.

A highly organized employee maximizes their productivity, which eventually boosts the quality of work they produce. It’s important for employers to know that you can stay organized and remain on-task whatever gets thrown your way.


You may not think of yourself as a creative person. But being creative does not necessarily mean being a great designer, artist, or musician. Creativity is seeing and thinking about things in new or different ways.

In a competitive job market bringing a unique perspective can help you stand out to employers.

Do any of these transferable skills describe you? If they do, it may be time to update your resume.

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