Networking and your Job Search

Networking and Your Job Search

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Networking and It’s Benefits

As the job market across industries become more competitive, you need to be able to find alternative paths to the career you want. Networking is a key skill that can help you meet new people, develop your interpersonal skills, and learn about career opportunities that you may not otherwise know about.

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Here are some of the benefits of successfully networking.

Growing your Network

Whether you are at school, work or even on social media, networking helps you grow your web of personal connections.

Growing your network is great because you give yourself an opportunity to find like-minded people – those who share the same interests and goals as you. You can share ideas, learn from each other’s experiences and more when you start meeting new people and growing your network.

Believe it or not, you network almost every day. Every time you have a conversation with someone – that’s the start of networking and building a connection. But networking is more than just meeting people! Successful networking means that you actively develop and maintain these relationships.

Don’t neglect the people in your network! Check-on them from time-to-time and ask how they’re doing or if they are available to have a chat over coffee. Maintaining your relationships with your network can play an important role when it comes to your career.

Increased Confidence

Not everyone is a social butterfly. Some may find it difficult to put themselves out there and start making new connections. But remember, everybody has to start somewhere.

Although the idea of networking might seem intimidating, the benefits it has for your career is worth it. The more you network, the more comfortable you will be meeting new people – building your confidence with every connection you make.

Use this confidence boost to your advantage to strike a good first impression with new people and even when you are going through a job interview. Confidence always goes a long way.

Networking and Your Job Search

Many employment opportunities never make it to the open job market—like job boards. Networking is one of the best ways to increase your chances of hearing about hard-to-find opportunities.

The more people you know and build connections with, the more information they are likely to share with you. This information could lead to new connections, new learning opportunities, invitations to new events and even new jobs!

According to CNBC, research has shown that up to 80% of job seekers found employment through networking. These job seekers did not apply through job board sites like Indeed or Monster; instead, they used the benefits of networking (expanding your network, building your confidence) to help the jobs find them!

Networking is a skill that is known to most job-seeking professionals, yet, it is still underutilized in today’s competitive job markets. Reap the benefits of networking to achieve your career goals.

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