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Balancing School and Work

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As you transition from high school to university or college, you will probably find that your schedule will be busier – a lot busier.

Juggling between your education and work experience is difficult. Both are equally important when it comes to your future. But, when project deadlines start approaching and your phone bills need to be paid; how do you stay on top of your new and busy schedule?

Here are some tips that can help you find the balance between school and work.

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Find flexible work

Unfortunately, money still doesn’t grow on trees – which is why most students get a job to support their finances. It might be difficult to go through your school years and work at the same time but, there is a solution: finding flexible work.

Part-Time Job Opportunities

A majority of youth in Canada aged 15-19 find work in the services industry. The service industry is often the gateway into the working world for youth – finding an opportunity in places like retail, fast-food and restaurants are great building blocks for your future career.

The greatest benefit of having a part-time job is the flexible work hours. Depending on where you work, you may be able to choose what days you want to work and even the specific hours you are available. You can pick-up shifts after your classes, cancel shifts before exams and work on the weekends! The potential flexibility of your schedule allows you to continue your studies and earn a paycheck without having the stress of juggling both school and work.

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Be organized

With multiple deadlines, presentations, group meetings, and work shifts; all these different dates can be overwhelming at times. Which is the reason why having great organizational skills can be a major asset when your schedule starts to get a little crazy.

One way to stay organized is by having an agenda or a planner; actively plan out your days, weeks and months so you can give yourself time to prepare for the busy days ahead. If you tend to forget about deadlines or if you forget when your next shift is, then an agenda or planner will be great tool for you.

Using your organizational skills can help you find balance between school and work.

Find Alternatives

If you think that the constant juggling act between school and work will get a little overwhelming, don’t worry! There are alternatives you can take that will you help alleviate a busy schedule.

Enrolling in School Part-Time

Universities and colleges understand that not everyone can take on a full course-load. There are options for part-time programs where you only take 1 to 3 courses per semester, allowing you to manage and organize your time so you can find the balance between school and work.

There are plenty of things for you to consider when you start your post-secondary school journey; take the time to discover which options help you find a healthy balance between school and work.

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