Success Story: Virtual support during the pandemic

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Employer Success Story

Employer: Tax Rescue Inc.
Industry: CRA Tax Services
Goal: Hire new staff
Challenge: Finding candidates with strong communication skills
Focus of support: Pre-screening; post-hire support
Outcomes: Quality hire; employee retention

“VPI provides the means to facilitate and simplify the hiring process.”

– Taline, Tax Rescue Inc.


Tax Rescue Inc. is a local company that helps people and businesses resolve their CRA tax issues. The world of taxes can be technical and overwhelming for many people. The Tax Rescue team were having trouble finding candidates who could strike a balance between technical knowledge and effective communication.

They came to VPI for help. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic we were able to virtually connect with the Tax Rescue team and come up with a plan.

Because we work directly with job seekers as well as employers, we have a pool of active job seekers who have already participated in our pre-employment training programs and workshops.

We helped the Tax Rescue team set up interviews with a pre-screened candidate who they hired. The Tax Rescue team was so happy with their new hire that as the pandemic worsened and it looked like they might have to lay off their new staff member, they got in touch with VPI to find out about incentive and supports we could offer to help.

Together we came up with a plan and today their new hire is continuing to thrive as a member of the Tax Rescue team.

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