Success Story: COJG funding to help pay for training

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Employer Success Story

Employer: Little Rock Farm Trucking
Industry: Cargo and Freight
Goal: Train staff
Challenge: Cost associated with training
Focus of support: Canada-Ontario Job Grant
Outcomes: Pre-hire; successful grant application

“We will definitely work with VPI again. In our geographical area it is very difficult to find Licenced professional employees.”

– Paul, Little Rock Farm Trucking


Little Rock Farm Trucking is a cargo and freight company based out of Bruce County. In the past they have had difficulty finding qualified drivers. The cost of training new drivers is prohibitive.

After hearing about the Canada-Ontario Job Grant (COJG) program, the Little Rock team got in touch with VPI. The COJG program is designed to help employers train staff by providing funding to offset training costs. Successful applicants can save up to 5/6 of training costs – up to $10,000 reimbursement per trainee.

As a designated service provider, we guided The Little Rock team through the application process and helped them secure funding for training.

With our help, the Little Rock team was able to hire a new driver. Through the COJG program, they were able to afford the cost of training their new employee.

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