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10 online tools for ESL training

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The experience of immigrating to a new country can be both exciting and challenging. If you are planning on immigrating to Canada or have already arrived, the Government of Ontario has many resources for you if English or French is not your first language.

Qualifications for Language Training

If any of the following are true for you, you may be a good candidate for ESL programs:

  • Need to improve your English language skills including reading and writing
  • Above the age of 21 and need language help to continue educational paths in Ontario
  • Children that don’t have a background in English or French that follow school standards
  • Qualified and trained international individuals who need help transitioning to the workforce

Available Training Programs

1. Specialized Language Training – learn and strengthen your language skills, to find employment that matches your qualifications. Focuses on improving English or French with the goal of getting hired or help with improving your language skills in a job you already have.

2. Occupational-specific Language Training – this program is geared towards immigrants who already have an education before immigrating to Canada. You can attend these courses at many Ontario colleges including Conestoga, Mohawk, Sheridan and Seneca. These programs cover specific occupational paths like business, health sciences and human services to help you achieve your career goals.

3. Online Language Training – an at-home language instruction resource for newcomers who cannot attend LINC programs in person. You can choose between online teaching tools as well as DVDs and books to learn English or French–whatever works best for you.

4. Bridge Training Programs – these programs focus on moving qualified and trained newcomers into the workforce quickly by assessing how they compare to Canadian workforce requirements. This program will prepare you with a professional assessment of your education and skills while providing you with training to help you excel at future job opportunities.

Available Training in Your Area

5. Language Classes in Ontario – contact the closest CLARS Assessment Service locations for more information about current, available English and French training classes.

6. ESL Classes at Ontario Colleges – check out the classes available at prestigious colleges in Ontario and how you can apply to attend these language programs.

7. Language Assessment Classes – receive guidance from professionals to help you measure your English and French proficiency to determine your degree of readiness for the Canadian workforce.

Additional Information

8. Welcome to Canada Online Package – learn more about what to expect before moving to Canada, including how to find a place to live, where to work and how to connect with Ontario communities.

9. Work in Your Profession – more information on how to achieve certifications for trade employment and various ways you can continue your career goals in Ontario.

10. Guides in Multiple Languages – request on the Ontario government website a version of their training guide in your preferred language.

While we don’t offer pre-arrival services, we can support you once you’ve arrived. If you’re a newcomer and need help with your job search, contact us today.