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Critical Skills: Organizational Skills

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Being organized is a way of life, or at least it should be.

If you have a strict daily routine or, if you always keep your room clean – then chances are you consider yourself to be an organized person. But routines and cleanliness are only a glimpse of what organizational skills really are.

These skills start to show its real value as you transition from school to your professional working career. As you get older, it’s not only about keeping your room clean or sticking to your routine. It’s also about making sure project deadlines are met or, it’s making sure your schedule is a healthy balance between work and personal life.

What are Organizational Skills?

Organizational skills are not just about making sure things are organized – like your room or desk – but it’s also about being organized. How you manage your time, how you prioritize tasks, how you approach different situations and more is all a part of having organizational skills.

This sought-after transferable skill makes you an attractive candidate amongst employers because it shows you have complete control of your own time and energy. Developing these skills increases your chances of working effectively and efficiently – making you a better student, teammate, or employee.

Being an organized person has plenty of benefits – especially for job seekers. Here are the benefits of organizational skills.


Reduce Your Stress Levels

Whether you’re at school or work, you might find yourself juggling between courses, assignments, and projects all at the same time. With great organizational skills, you can plan and prioritize a busy schedule effectively – reducing the number of last-minute submissions and lowering your stress levels.

The stress of school and work can be overwhelming and can negatively affect your performance. Work to develop key organizational skills so that you can reduce your stress levels.

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Become More Adaptable

With great organizational skills you can plan and organize your daily, weekly, and monthly responsibilities. Although you may think you’ve planned your schedule out perfectly, a last-minute change to your project or report can cause quite a headache. A great benefit of being an organized person is that you can adapt to anything that comes your way.

Unexpected situations and surprises can cause more stress, delays and wasted time. Those with great organizational skills can plan their schedule and give themselves ‘breathing room’ in case a wrench does get thrown at their plans. Instead of an additional headache and more stress, you have the courtesy to say to yourself “I have time for this”.

Control Your Time

As a recap, one of the key things about having organizational skills is that you are in complete control of your time. Aside from lowering your stress levels and being able to adapt to different situations – you also have the time to be free.

Free to plan for your next project or trip. Free to pursue your hobbies after work. Free to spend your day relaxing and unwinding from work. Great organizational skills allow you to do the things you want…when you want to.

Sometimes, you find yourself to be overwhelmed, stressed or on the brink of burnout. Improve and develop your organizational skills so you can take control of your time.

Organizational skills are a critical skill that can help you become a more attractive candidate. It is sought after by many employers and is a necessary skill to have in today’s working environment. Take control of your time and energy by identifying and working on your organizational skills.