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Online Workshops to Prepare for a Performance Review

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Feedback is an important tool you can use to help with your professional development. We all have our different strengths and weaknesses; feedback helps highlight the things we’re good at and the things we need to improve on. Learn how to accept and receive feedback in the workplace from your peers and your managers – so that you can continue to grow in your professional career.

Preparing for a Performance Review

LinkedIn Learning: Your Performance Review in Context

Although companies have different processes on how to conduct employee performance reviews, this module by author and educator Todd Dewett will have step-by-step process that can help you prepare in advance for your upcoming review. Dewett explains how you are in control of the situation and will guide you through the various things you should accomplish months prior to your performance review.

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Hearing Feedback

LinkedIn Learning: The Art and Science of Accepting Feedback

Learning how to give and receive feedback is an essential aspect of personal growth. In this course, Gemma Leigh Roberts, a chartered organizational psychologist and executive coach, talks about how to give and receive feedback so that you can learn how to become better in your professional career.

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LinkedIn Learning: Improve Your Listening Skills

Listening is an under-appreciated skill that most of us possess, but rarely improve upon. Indiana University Professors Tatiana Kolovou and Branda Bailey-Hughes guide you through the importance and characteristics of effective listening. Learn how to improve your listening skills and reap the benefits of this under-appreciated skill.

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