Establishing and developing professional relationships

Online Workshops to Develop Professionally

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Human beings are social by nature and in a work environment, great relationships are one of the keys to success. Whether it’s building your online network or developing relationships in your workplace, understanding how to maintain and grow relationships is an important part of your career journey.

Building Your Online Professional Profile

LinkedIn Learning: How to Network When you don’t like Networking

Some people dread at the thought of having to network or connect with other people – strangers. But, there are many benefits to networking that could be useful to you in the future. This audio book will help people who want to network but don’t like networking.

Watch: How to Network When you don’t like Networking

Developing Professional Relationships

LinkedIn Learning: Business Relationships are Career Currency

Developing professional relationships seems is challenging but, its not impossible. In this LinkedIn course, author Simon T. Bailey highlights the steps to build better business relationships in today’s work environment. Learn the benefits of having great relationships at work by watching this course.

Watch Business Relationships are Career Currency

VPI Learning Centre: Workplace Communication

“Sometimes we say things that are immediately taken the wrong way. Sometimes we hear an attack where none was intended. This course focuses on how to get along in the workplace: we work on communication techniques, assertiveness, and showcasing a positive, likeable attitude—even on a bad day!”

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