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Online Workshops to Find a Work-Life Balance Build Your Soft Skills

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Finding the balance between work and life is essential to your mental health. With only 24 hours in a day, too many of us find ourselves stressed and anxious trying to find time to do the things we want to do outside of work. Finding this balance will help find you time to work on the skills you need to excel in your workplace.

Work-Life Balance

LinkedIn Learning: Balancing Work and Life

A healthy work-life balance is necessary to live a productive and happy life but, this seems out of reach for a significant portion of the job force. In this LinkedIn Learning module, Dave Crenshaw talks about the challenges people face in today’s work environment when it comes to balancing between life and work. He also explains how to overcome these challenges in this module.

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Improving Soft Skills

LinkedIn Learning: Master In-demand Professional Soft Skills

Soft skills are a large topic to cover. There are many soft skills that you can try to work on and improve. This LinkedIn Learning path will guide you through the essential soft skills, skills that are in-demand in any workplace. Start your soft skills development journey by starting this Learning Path.

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VPI Learning Centre: Building Self-Reliance

Self-reliance is about taking charge of your life. Being able to set personal goals, plan your own budget, and manage your time will make you a more independent person. Being able to respond gracefully to life’s little emergencies will make you a more reliable, helpful person to have around. This course offers some basic tools to get you started.

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