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Online Workshops for Overcoming Difficult Work Situations

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Your work life will continue to put unexpected challenges in your path to success. It is your responsibility to prepare and deal with any situation that may come in between you and your goals. Learning how to improve your skills and learning from your past mistakes and accomplishments should always be your priority at work so that you can better prepare for the future.

Identifying Skills for Improvement:

LinkedIn Learning: Defining and Achieving Professional Goals

Watch this LinkedIn Learning module to help you set, develop, and achieve your goals. Dorie Clark is a Professor of Business Administration at Duke University and a published author; his module will help set you up for success. In this module, Clark talks about the challenges of setting goals, failing to achieve them and then guides the viewer into an effective goal-setting framework. This module is equipped with Exercise Files for the viewer.

Watch Defining and Achieving Professional Goals

LinkedIn Learning: The Six Morning Habits of High Performers

This audio course showcases daily morning habits of high performers. Learn how to get into a healthy morning routine to start your day off right. If you find yourself to be unproductive, unhappy or both – this audio course will show you 6 morning practices to get your life back on track.

Listen to The Six Morning Habits of High Performers

Having Difficult Work Conversations

LinkedIn Learning: Communicating Through Disagreement

For most people, the idea of having a conversation with someone you strongly disagree with is uncomfortable. In this course, public intellectual and professor Michael Shermer gives viewers a toolkit to approach having even the most difficult conversations. Learn the rules for engagement and find out how to improve your listening skills. By the end of this course, you will be equipped with tools for more effective communication and be well prepared to handle even the strongest of disagreements.

Watch Communicating Through Disagreement