Support for ongoing hiring needs

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Employer Success Story

Employer: Napier Supermarkets
Industry: Grocery retail
Goal: Find suitable candidates
Challenge: Limited talent pool; ongoing hiring needs
Focus of support: Job matching; sourcing candidates; hiring incentives
Outcomes: Multiple hires; employer satisfaction; ongoing relationship

“The staff are very quick to react to our needs and happy to help where needed. This service is a great avenue to provide candidates for our business.”

– Chris, Napier Supermarkets


Napier Supermarkets is a Sobeys grocery store that services the town of Kincardine in Bruce County. As a retail store, they need a steady stream of new candidates to make ongoing hires. Their location and the size of the local talent pool available can make it difficult to keep up with hiring demands.

The team at Napier Supermarkets reached out to VPI for support. As a designated Employment Ontario service provider, we have access to funding and resources that can help with staffing.

After gaining a good understanding of their hiring needs, we developed a plan for continual support including sourcing candidates, job-matching and providing access to funding. With our ongoing support, Napier Supermarkets has been able to find and hire dozens of local job seekers.

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