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Employer Success Story

Employer: WellnessLiving
Industry: Software solutions for the health service industry
Goal: Hire and train new staff during a growth period
Challenge: Finding candidates for multiple hires; Costs of hiring and training
Focus of support: Job matching; sourcing candidates; hiring incentives
Outcomes: Multiple hires; employer satisfaction

“VPI is a game changer! With their support, we were able to keep up with our hiring demands.”

– Anastassia, WellnessLiving


WellnessLiving provides software solutions for the health service industry. As part of a growing industry, they were looking to expand their operations. They were faced with the challenge of finding, hiring and training new staff.

WellnessLiving contacted VPI and met with our team of specialists. Together they came up with a plan that included accessing our pool of active job seekers and job postings on our job board to help with sourcing candidates.

Through the process, WellnessLiving made multiple hires through our Employment Service program and received government-funded incentives to help with the costs of hiring and training new staff.

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