Success Story | Finding Work After Relocating

Finding Work After Relocating

Goal: Find work in field of study – Design
Challenge: Finding a job after relocating; lack of work experience in field of study
Support offered: Resume Building Workshop (One on One), Job Search support, Job referral

“Working with a VPI career specialist was the best choice I made as a job seeker. Not only did I get excellent advice on how to promote my skills to employers, but they also helped me secure related job experience.”

Andrea, former job seeker


While attending university in British Columbia, Andrea worked in retail. Upon returning to Ontario, she had trouble transitioning from retail jobs into her field of study, design. Frustrated with her fruitless efforts, she visited a VPI branch in Hamilton after hearing about them from a family member.

Andrea met with a VPI Career Specialist, and together they identified her career goals and created a strategy to help her find meaningful work. Andrea took part in a Resume Building workshop, where she was given tips on how to showcase her creative skills and professional brand–including using her resume as an initial portfolio piece.

Andrea applied to different entry-level design jobs and secured a job as the Marketing Intern at VPI’s corporate office. Andrea is now gaining relevant work experience on her way towards her long-term career goals.

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