Success Story: Starting a Second Career

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Job Seeker Success Story

Key Facts

  • Name: Michael
  • Goal: Start a new career as an AZ driver
  • Challenge: Lack of training; cost of acquiring training
  • Support offered: 1-on-1 support from Career Specialist, including workshops and help applying for the Better Jobs Ontario (formerly Second Career) program

Key Figures

  • Funding to cover the cost of training
  • 200 hour training program
  • 5 months from initial contact to hire


“Career Specialists actually take the time to talk with you to make sure you know all of your options and to make sure you are picking what is right for you.”
– Michael, Better Jobs Ontario program participant



Michael was working as a welder when he was laid off. Unsure about what to do next and confident that he would not be called back to work, Michael started exploring his career options.

Although he is a hard worker and always willing to learn, he lacked the credentials and licenses as a welder to advance in that field. He found out about the Better Jobs Ontario program and contacted VPI. The Better Jobs Ontario (formerly Second Career) program helps people who have been laid-off or who are unemployed find employment in high-demand industries by providing funding for training.

Michael identified truck driving as a growing industry in which he would like to work. Our Career Specialists helped Michael review his eligibility for the program and to navigate the application process. Michael successfully applied to a training program that included 200 hours of skills training. With the help of the VPI team, he qualified for the Better Jobs Ontario program and funding to cover the cost of training.

Michael also took workshops like Job Interviews to practice and develop his interview skills. As Michael put it, “the interview workshop helped me the most. Interviews had never been my strong point, and I was always one to walk on eggshells so to speak, as I did not want to ask the wrong questions and jeopardize potential employment.”

Upon completing his training he had lined up several job interviews with trucking companies. Five months after meeting with a VPI Career Specialist for the first time, Michael has completed his AZ license training and is working for a local truck driving company.


Issue Solution
Securing funding for training in a new industry 1-on-1 support from a Career Specialist to prepare the Better Jobs Ontario application
Difficulty with job interviews Job Interview workshop to help prepare and get comfortable with interview settings

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