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20 job search resources for youth

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Finding a job can be difficult, but it can be even more challenging if you’re looking for your first job and don’t know where to start. We have created the following list of resources to help.

We also offer programs and services specifically designed to support youth, some of which includes paid training and job placements. If you are interested in learning more, fill out our online inquiry form.

Explore what you love

1. How to Turn Your Hobby into a Career – Advice from business moguls regarding how to develop your favourite hobby into a sustainable long-term career.

2. How to Find Work You Love (TED Talk video- 17mins) – Scott Dinsmore, founder and CEO of career-blog, Live Your Legend, discusses the importance of being a self-expert and learning from your experience to develop a career that reflects who you are.

Search and apply online

3. Indeed – One of the most popular job boards on the web.

4. Monster – Search for jobs based on industry, location and/or job title. Frequently updated and offers the option to upload your resume. Some employers browse and sign up for email alerts based on keywords included in resumes, so be sure to use a keyword-rich resume.

5. LinkedIn – Build a professional profile and grow your online network to spot connections you may have to specific companies and job openings posted on the site. Creating a search-friendly profile also helps you establish your own online reputation and influence what employers find when they Google search your name.

6. VPI Job Board – Applying for jobs on our job board is the best thing you can do to support your job search. Our staff reviews all applications and will follow-up with you personally to discuss whether you’re a good fit for the position you applied for or if another opportunity is worth considering. We also have strong relationships with the employers behind each job posting, who are often able to set up an interview on your behalf.

Get your foot in the door

7. Most Common First Seven Jobs – A list of the most popular “first jobs” for students and youth to help you identify new jobs you haven’t considered yet.

8. How to Get Your Foot in Any Door – Connect with the people who work for your dream company and consider the small steps you can take today to support your career down the road.

9. Connect with a Company – 8 practical steps to connect directly with employers and fulfill your career goals to potentially land a job.

10. Turning an Internship into a Job Offer – How to receive future, secure employment with a company after an internship or temporary summer position.

Find a mentor

11. Career Mentorship – Identifies the steps to find a suitable mentor and what you should expect throughout the mentoring process.

12. 10 Things to Look for in a Good Mentor – Outlines certain characteristics to look for when searching for a mentor that will push you to achieve your career goals.

Know and address common misconceptions

13. Here Comes Generation Z – Learn about the perceptions about the your generation to better understand some of the challenges you may face during your job search.

14. What Employers Should Know about Generation Z – Understand the employer’s assumptions about your generation even before you go for an interview.

15. How to Get Ready for the Younger Generation – Dan Schawbel, author and founder of Millennial Branding, compares the differences between Generation Y and Z and what each generation offers.

Practice interviews and professional conversations

16. Youth Job Interview Questions – Practice the most-common youth job interview questions, learn why they are asked and understand different ways to answer each question.

17. Why Should We Hire You? – Prepare for future interviews by going through an interview script and practice your answer to the tricky question, “why should we hire you?”

18. How to Speak so People Want to Listen (TED Talk video-9mins) – Julian Treasure, public speaker, author and founder of “The Sound Agency” outlines the various features of public speaking and how to make people pay attention to you.

Returning to School

19. Pay for School – search for scholarships, bursaries and prizes available online for youth situated in the Grey Bruce area.

20. Scholarships Canada – realize your potential by finding scholarships that will make your future school achievements less costly and more attainable.

If you’re searching for your first job and don’t know where to start, contact us today.