Maintaining Mental Health

20 resources on mental health in the workplace

According to the Canadian Mental Health Association, 20% of Canadians will experience a mental illness in their lifetime.

Mental health issues can take many different forms, and you might not even realize that you or a fellow co-worker may be impacted. We have collected some of our favourite resources to provide you with more information on this topic and give you some tips on actively improving your own mental state in your workplace.

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General information about mental health

1. Mental Health Problems in the Workplace – understand the most-common types of mental illnesses and how they affect an individual’s ability to succeed in their job.

2. The Silent Tsunami – how the effects of mental health problems in the workplace can impact an individual’s productivity and profitability, if ignored by their employers or fellow co-workers.

3. Toward a New Understanding of Mental Illness (TED Talk video – 13 mins) – Thomas Insel, neuroscientist and psychiatrist, shares his research on the prevalence and contributing factors of mental illness.

4. Mental Health Meter – fill out this mental health meter to personally reflect on your mental state and identify any areas of improvement you may have.

5. Mental Illness in the Workplace – understand what you can do to help improve your own mental health and how to support fellow co-workers who may be experiencing difficulty.

Stress management

6. What is Stress – learn why you might be feeling stressed in certain situations and what you can do.

7. What is Your Stress Index – discover what your level of stress is by taking this test.

8. Daily Rituals for Stress – break up your day by using these stress-relieving techniques to increase your work productivity and decrease any feelings of stress.

9. How to Make Stress Your Friend (TED Talk video – 14 mins) – Kelly McGonigal, health psychologist, focuses on the effects of stress, as well as how you can control how you react to stress.

Work life balance

10. Secrets to a Work-Life Balance – understand the many ways to maintain a healthy work life balance by creating small changes in your life that will create a big difference.

11. Ontario Job Futures – ways to take breaks, including activities that promote calm and relaxation during your day.

12. Seven Tips for Healthy Work-Life Balance – advice on maintaining a healthy balance and tips to organize a routine that best fits your needs.

13. Eating Healthier – tips to create a more health-oriented diet for each work day to fuel your brain and strengthen your body.

14. Six Ways to Stay Active at Your Desk – stay active during the day using these exercise techniques to stay sharp physically and mentally.

Productive atmosphere

15. Improve Your Office’s Work Environment – four ways to improve your workplace to encourage a more healthy, safe and comfortable environment for everyone.

16. Resolving Workplace Conflicts — recognize the various types of conflicts you may come across in the workplace and what you can do to find resolutions that will positively affect everyone involved.

17. Mental Health Accommodations – understand some of the common workplace accommodations for employees suffering from a mental illness.

18. Positive Reinforcement – discover the different ways to encourage and give positive feedback to fellow employees to increase their productivity, heighten their job satisfaction and enhance their self-image.

Rights as an employee

19. Ontario Human Rights Code – learn about the Ontario government’s duty to protect you from discriminatory acts based on age, race, or your mental health situation in the workplace.

20. Ontario Human Rights Commission – what can the government do about your mental health situation in the workplace? Use this resource for more information about the pillar of the Ontario government that is dedicated to advancing human rights.

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