5 ways to use $300

If you’re a student and have never had a job before, you may be eligible to receive $300 from the government upon landing your first job.

You’re probably excited to find your first job and start earning a pay check but you may be unaware of some of the costs associated with finding a starting work. These search and start up costs may seem small, but they can add up.

To help you with the cost of your first job, the Government of Ontario offers financial employment support through the Youth Job Link (YJL) Program. If you’re between the ages of 15 and 18 and you’re looking for your first job, you may be eligible for up to $300 in employment support. For more information, or to find out if you’re eligible to receive financial support, leave us a message . or call us at 1-888-336-9500.

Here are five ways financial supports could be used:

1. Work clothes

Many first jobs are in retail or food service and many of these positions require a uniform. In some situations, you will be responsible for the cost of your uniform. Your first job may also be in a warehouse or in construction–in which case you may need to purchase work boots. The $300 employment support can be used toward the cost of your uniform, work boots or other clothing that you need to purchase to do your job effectively.

2. Safety gear and tools

If your first job is in manufacturing, warehousing, or any job where you work with your hands, you may need addition equipment beyond a uniform. This could include things like safety gear or tools. You may be able to use some of your $300 employment support toward these items.

3. Bus passes, parking and gas cards

If you’ve never had a job before, you may not have considered your commute to and from work. But according to a survey of Canadian workers, the commute to work is the most important factor when deciding to take a job. Don’t forget to factor in the cost of your commute into the cost of your first job. The $300 employment support can be used to help pay for things like bus passes, parking or gas cards to make getting home after work a little easier and safer for you.

4. Assistive technologies

If you have a disability, up to $900 may also be available to help with the cost of your first job. This $900 can be used to help pay for the cost of assistive devices and adaptive technologies–workspace solutions designed to help people with disabilities perform daily tasks. This can include software like text-to-speech programs, hardware like braille keyboards or simple fixes like colour-coded file folders.

5. Employer incentive

In some cases, the $300 hiring support can be used as an employer incentive. In these situations, the employer receives the $300 to offset the cost of hiring you and help pay for your onboarding and training cost.

All our employment supports are part of our job-matching service. To find out if you qualify or for more information on the YJL program, leave us a message . or call us at 1-888-336-9500.