20 resources to help you prepare for a job interview

Preparing for a job interview can be stressful. How do you know what to expect, how to dress or what to say? If you’re looking for help with your next interview, we can help. You can register for a free Job Interviews workshop or contact us about one-on-one job interview support.

If you can’t attend a workshop or just want some quick tips, here are 20 online resources that you might find useful for preparing for your next job interview:

The Basics

1. 6 Interview Types You Must Know as a Candidate – A look at some of the main types of interviews you may encounter during your job search. from theundercoverrecruiter.com.
2. 12 Tips for Telephone Interview Success – Advice on handling the specific challenges of a phone interview. from job-hunt.org.
3. Interviewing Prep: Job Interview Checklist for Job-Seekers – A quick checklist that you can run through to make sure you’re all set for your interview. from livecareer.com.


4. How to Prepare For A Job Interview: 10 Tips to Boost Your Skills – Interview tips from one of Canada’s top job boards, monster.ca.
5. From first impression to follow-up: Hiring manager shares her perspective on every step of a job interview – Advice from a hiring manager about how job seekers can improve their chances during an interview. From workopolis.com.


6. Ten Tough Interview Questions and Ten Great Answers – Common questions that are asked during an interview that you can use to practice your answers. From collegegrad.com.
7. 8 Types of Illegal Interview Questions and How to Avoid Them – In Ontario, there are certain questions that employers should not ask during an interview; here are some of those questions and how you can avoid them. From talentegg.ca.

How to dress

8. Dress Appropriately for Interviews – General tips on how to dress to leave the right impression during an interview. From monster.com.
9. Dressing For Success At Your Job Interview – Some practical tips on what to avoid when planning your outfit for your interview. From canadajobs.com.

What to do after your interview

10. I Had My Interview. Now What? 5 Post-Interview Tips – How to use your time effectively after your interview. From LinkedIn Pulse.
11. 4 follow up email after interview examples – Examples of follow up messages thank you notes to send out after an interview. From monster.com.
12. Second Interview Questions and Answers – Questions and answers to help you ace a call-back interview.

Stats and fun stuff

13. Statistics Behind What Happens in a Job Interview – Some interesting statistics and an infographic on the reality of job interviews. from careergeekblog.com.
14. Thomas Edison’s Eccentric Job Interview Questions: A Cheat Sheet – A fun set of absurd, but real, questions to make you feel better about your job interview. From mentalfloss.com.

Help for newcomers

15. Job Interviewing Example – Job Interview examples specifically for people whose first language is not English. From esl.about.com.
16. Job Interview Questions and Answers – Sample interview questions with a focus on ESL challenges. From esl.about.com.
17. How do I prepare for a job interview? – Tips from the Ontario government on how recent immigrants can compare for a Canadian interview. From settlement.org.

Help for youth

18. Preparing for a job interview – Tips from the Canadian government on how youth can prepare for a job interview. From youth.gc.ca.
19. Job Interview Strategies for Teens – Advice for dealing with the specific challenges that teenagers face in job interviews. From livecareer.com.
20. How to land a good job after graduation – Advice from a hiring manager about landing a job after graduation. From macleans.ca.

One-on-one job interview support

If you need help preparing for your next job interview, we offer free one-on-one support, including job interview workshops and mock interviews. To access any of our job interview services, contact us today.