Identifying Skills for Improvement

Identifying Skills for Improvement

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Your Skillset

It’s easy to talk about our strengths. We use our strengths to our advantage, and they help us complete tasks, finish projects and contribute to the company’s initiatives. But what are you not good at? What are your weaknesses? Identifying your weaknesses is not as easy to talk about. We often don’t like talking about the things we are not good at. But honestly understanding your skillset will allow you to develop your strengths and identify the skills you need to improve on.

No matter your skillset, there is always room for improvement. Improving your skills and abilities gives you a greater chance of success and it can help you prepare for any situation that may be thrown at you in the future.

But how do you identify which skills you need to improve on?

Identifying Your Weaknesses

Take a look at your current responsibilities in your workplace. Analyzing different skills you currently use or need in your work environment can help you get an idea of which skills you can improve on.

For example, a Customer Service Representative, has to interact with many different customers on a daily basis. And not every customer is happy. For many people, dealing with rude customers is not a natural skill. By identifying this as a weakness, a Customer Service Representative can take steps to improve their stress and conflict management skills and become better at their job.

Identifying your weakness (like interacting with unhappy customers) can help you identify skills that you need to improve on. Developing these skills can help you manage difficult situations or stress as a Customer Service Representative.

Learning to Improve Your Skills

After identifying the skills that would help you improve your time at work, the next step is to learn more about them. There are many ways for you learn about how to improve your skills. Online platforms such as YouTube or LinkedIn Learning provides learning modules and tutorials. Books, e-books and podcasts are also a convenient way for you to learn about your skills at home.

Everybody has a weakness. There will always be skills you can improve on or even develop. Identify the skills you need to improve so that you can become a more efficient and effective force at work.