Tips for your First Week

How To Succeed in Your First Week

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New faces. New work environment. New everything.

Starting a new job can be overwhelming – it can make you feel nervous, scared, excited or all the above. You want to make a good first impression but, your nerves and thoughts can get the best of you sometimes; especially when you are starting out at your new workplace.

Here are some tips that can help you succeed in your first week at your new job.

Introduce Yourself

When you first start at your new job, try your best to introduce yourself to people you encounter at work.

You don’t have to meet and greet every single person in your company (you may work for a large corporation with a hundred employees) but be sure to introduce yourself to the people you will be working closely with.

Introduce yourself in a new work setting is the steppingstone to building relationships at work which, in turn, will help build good work relations. Being the new friendly face can help create a positive work environment and help you enjoy every day work.

Ask Questions

You were hired because the company feels that you are a good fit for the job, but this doesn’t mean that they expect you to know everything – so don’t be afraid to ask questions.

During the first week you will absorb tons of information during your training period. If, at any point, you need clarification on something, make sure you ask questions about it. One of the most important skills in the workplace is communication. If you can communicate your concerns, struggles, or questions effectively, you will be able to receive guidance and assistance from your fellow team members or managers.

Have a Positive Attitude

When starting a new job, it is easy to shy away from responsibilities in fear of making a mistake and looking bad in front of your new peers.

It is important to remember that staying positive can help reduce the stress you may encounter when getting settled at your new workplace. Everyone has experienced a “first week”. There is a first time for everything, including mistakes and errors. It’s important to understand that it happens to just about everyone, and mistakes shouldn’t cause you to think negatively of your performance at work.

Having a positive attitude has many benefits when starting out at a workplace; it makes you more approachable at work which helps build new connections; it can help you in times of stress and much more. A positive mindset you carry to, in, and from work will help make your first week easier.

Ask for Help

When you encounter a problem at your new workplace, you may hesitate to ask for help. You may not want your teammates to think that you are incapable of doing the job, but asking for help will help you learn faster, and it can also help build relationships with your teammates.

You may try to solve the problem by yourself but that can be time-consuming or worse, you may make a mistake and complicate the problem further. Remember, you are still new, so if you ever find yourself to be in a difficult or tricky situation, do not be afraid to ask your new teammates or manager for help. Asking your team for help will allow everyone to succeed.

Taking Notes

You are taking in a lot of information in the first week. Having written notes and reminders are a good tool you can use to solve a problem if you ever encounter one – eliminating any possible uncertainties or questions that you may come across.

From training to team meetings, taking notes on all the information given to you can help you do your job effectively. Your company’s different processes and procedures may seem complicated at first but, with the help of your notes, you will be able to solve problems all by yourself.