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The benefits of hiring a student this summer

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The weather is starting to warm up and that means one thing for many businesses. It’s time to start thinking about summer hires. For most businesses, the summer season is one of the two largest hiring periods of the year. With so many temporary positions soon to be on offer, hiring student candidates is a convenient way to ensure you’re fully-staffed. But there are also some additional benefits to hiring students that can help your business.

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Fresh perspectives

The day-to-day of any business can become routine after a while. As repetitive processes become routine, it’s easy to lose sight of goals. That’s why making new hires, in general, can be a good way to shake things up and get you thinking about how your business is running. This is especially true when hiring students.

When you hire a student, you’re not only getting a different point-of-view on your business, you’re also likely getting a point-of-view that is not confined to previous experience. While they may not have the expertise that a more seasoned employee might have, they are able to approach everything with fresh eyes because they are not limited by the things they already know.

Students are eager to learn. By hiring a student this summer, you’ll be providing them with life lessons that they won’t be able to get in school–like experience in a professional setting. But young people bring a different perspective with them and some of what they know—new technology or social trends, for instance—could be useful for your business.

Help your local community

Many students take a summer job because they are saving up for post-secondary education. Most summer jobs are not full-time, permanent positions or even in the industries that most summer employees will end up working in for most of their professional lives. But by helping students pay for school and by giving them their first experience in a professional setting, you’re giving them the tools they need to be successful in their chosen industries.

For many students, a summer job is also their first job. Everyone remembers their first job. If a student has a good experience working with you, you may have created a life-long customer.

Hiring support

Hiring students can also have some direct benefits to your business. As a government-funded service provider, we offer a range of employer programs and services that can help your business–including programs that specifically help employers who hire students. From job postings to job placements, we can help with your summer hiring. Additional support may also be available depending on the student candidate. To find out more about supports available for summer hiring, contact us today.