Success Story: Support for quality hiring

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Employer Success Story

Employer: Hygia Health Incorporated
Industry: PPE manufacturing
Goal: Hire staff
Challenge: Hiring for new company during COVID-19
Focus of support: Hiring
Outcomes: Two full teams of hires

“VPI provided me with an interactive, wonderful partnership that resulted in the very best work-force that I could have ever imagined for Hygia.”

– Michelle, Hygia Health Incorporated


Hygia Health Incorporated is a new company. Located in Vaughan, they produce disposable face masks. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Michelle was having difficulty finding candidates to make new hires.

Having had a previous, positive experience with VPI, Michelle decided to reach out to our team again.

Because we work directly with job seekers as well as employers, we have a pool of active job seekers who have already participated in our pre-employment training programs and workshops. We were able to help Michelle find and hire 15 candidates who were the right fit for the company.

5 months after hiring, Hygia Health now has a fully-functioning team of versatile employees who are eager to learn more. The team has been so successful that Michelle is currently looking at hiring a night shift team.

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