4 New Self-development Workshops

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We offer workshops to help you with every stage of your job search. Workshops like “Job Interviews”, “Networking” and “Self Assessment” help you prepare for finding a job. “Customer Service Excellence” and “Workplace Communication” and other workshops give you the tools you need to succeed in your job, once you’re hired.

We recently added four new workshops that are designed to help you in your professional career as well as in your life outside of work. These self-development workshops will help you learn about the different ways you interact with information, ideas, and other people. They will give you the ability to think more critically and empathetically about situations you may face at work or in your daily life.

Like all of our workshops, these new workshops are completely FREE and are available virtually.

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Critical Thinking

What is Critical Thinking? Why is important for us to have this skill? What is a sound reality-based argument? How do you identify bias in arguments? Join us in this workshop where we talk about lessons and strategies for developing thinking that is unbiased, well-founded, and fully engaged.
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Cultural Sensitivity

The world is constantly changing- which includes the Canadian demographic, as well as what is considered “socially acceptable”. Cultural sensitivity refers to a set of skills that allows you to understand and learn about people whose cultural background is not the same as yours. Cultural sensitivity is an extremely important skill to have in the workplace because it enables employees to improve productivity, reduces communication barriers and engages them fully in the workplace environment. By taking this virtual workshop, you will walk away with a better understanding of how to understand, learn about, and work with people whose cultural background is not the same as yours.
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Digital Literacy

Digital literacy is a large topic that deals with how we navigate the whole universe of digital technologies connected to our lives. This has become increasingly important in the last 20 years and has become the backbone of our economy in the last few months, as many businesses and other institutions rely on technology to operate their businesses remotely. This course will inform you of skills needed to thrive in the digital world, how to think more critically about information found on the internet, and how to communicate effectively online.
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Problem Solving

Have you seen “the ability to problem solve” or “problem solving skills” on a job description recently? What do you think employers mean when they write this? Attend this interactive workshop and learn about the steps in the problem solving cycle, how to implement strategies to identify solutions and how to evaluate your solutions to see if they are successful.
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