How to Start Your Summer Job Search

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Summer jobs are a great way to earn some money, gain experience and stay active over the summer. If you’re thinking of finding a job this summer, here are some steps you can take to try to make the most of your summer job search.

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1. Don’t Wait

When it comes to summer jobs, timing matters.

You might be thinking of working in June, July and August, but employers start thinking about hiring as early as May or even April.

If you’re thinking about a summer job, start applying before the summer actually starts. And start doing your research before then.

2. Research your local labour market

What kind of jobs are available in your area? If this is your first job search, you may not have ever thought of that question. But coming up with an answer will help you figure out how to conduct your job search.

Look at job boards and ask friends and family who may already have jobs. Try to get a sense of the types of jobs available in your area.

For example, if there are a lot of grocery store clerk jobs in your area but very few landscaping, then you should make a note of that and understand that you may have an easier time finding a grocery store position than a landscaper one.

Bookmark or make a note of any jobs or industries that interest you. When it comes time to submit applications, these are the types of jobs you’ll want to come back to.

3. Figure out what you want

Once you have a better sense of what jobs are available around you, you can start to figure out what jobs would work for you.

Try to keep as many options open as possible, but ask yourself some practical questions about what you want from your summer job:

  • How many hours are you looking to work this summer?
  • Are you willing or able to work weekends, evening or overnight?
  • How far can you reasonably commute to your job?

The answers to these questions can help you figure out what jobs you should be looking for. For example, if you can’t commute far, you’ll probably want to limit your job search to something close to home.

4. Work on your resume

Your resume is the first contact you will have with potential employers. It’s important that you have a resume that represents you and is suitable for the jobs you’re applying for.

You may already have a resume written. Once you have done your research and have a better idea of the type of job your looking for this summer. You can start to tailor your resume to the types of jobs you plan on applying for.

If you don’t already have a resume, then you should start making one as soon as possible.

5. Apply

With your newly tailored resume in-hand, you can start applying for jobs. Start with any of the ones you found while you were researching that seemed like a good fit. And expand your search to include more jobs that match your goals.

6. Repeat

If you’re lucky you’ll find a match early on in your search. But you may not hear back from employers right away.

It’s true that many employers do the bulk of their summer hiring early. But some employers continue to hire throughout the summer. If you don’t hear back from any employers right away, keep applying and do your best not to get discouraged.

If you do hear back from an employer, then congratulations. You’ve had a successful job search. And you can now start the next step, preparing for your job interview!

7. Ask for help

Whether you’re researching the local labour market, working on your first resume, or applying for jobs, we can help with your summer job search. Contact us today to find out about our FREE job seeker programs and services.