Hiring events with qualified candidates

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Employer Success Story

Key Facts

  • Employer: Procor Limited
  • Industry: Transportation
  • Goal: Expand candidate pool

Support offered

  • 1 hiring event hosted at a VPI location
  • candidate pre-screening
  • Print, online, email and social media promotion

Key Figures

  • 52 hiring event attendees
  • 6 positions filled
  • 2 weeks from first contact to first hire

“VPI’s services were exactly what we were looking for…The staff were knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. All the little details were taken care of, saving me a great deal of time.”
– Rena, Human Resources Manager, Procor Limited


Operating since 1952, Procor Limited manages a fleet of over 31,000 tank and freight cars and operates the most extensive rail-based repair network in Canada and the US. As an employer that offers competitive salaries and benefits, they do not usually face challenges when hiring. But they can sometimes have difficulty drawing a large enough candidate pool.

Procor contacted VPI to get help drawing a larger candidate pool. Our team of Resource Specialists and Job Developers quickly developed a plan to host a hiring event at our Hamilton branch. Through this hiring event, Procor gained access a large pool of pre-screened, job-ready candidates. The event was also promoted externally via the VPI interactive calendar, flyers, email and social media promotion.

In the end, over 50 candidates attended the event and the Procor team conducted interviews for 6 positions, rather the 1 they had originally intended. As Rena, a Human Resources Manager at Procor told us, “We are extremely satisfied with all of the candidates that were hired through VPI. All have been promoted in a short period of time. ”


Issue Solution
Attracting a suitable number of applicants
  • Hiring events organized by experienced Job Developers
  • Access to our network of motivated and qualified job seekers
  • Event promotion to existing VPI clients and external candidates

For more information on how we can help with your hiring needs, get in touch with our Business Development Unit by filling out a contact form or contacting BDU@vpi-inc.com.