Top three workshops for Youth

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If you’re looking for your first job, you may not know how to start. We host free workshops to teach youth aged 15-29 the basic skills to find a job. Whether you’re researching local job opportunities, writing your first resume or preparing for a job interview, we have a workshop to help.

Here are our three of our most popular workshops to help you get your job search off to a good start.

All of our workshops are FREE for youth. If you would like help with your job search, contact us today.

1. Resume Building

Your resume is often an employers first impression of you. A good resume should be clear, well-organized and honest. If your resume does not accomplish these things–or if you don’t have a resume–potential employers will not give you a second look.

The Resume Building workshop will show you how to create a resume that will give you the best chance of getting an employer’s attention. It includes brainstorming exercises to make sure you aren’t leaving anything important out, templates and examples of finished resumes and guides on different formats and layouts. It also includes tips on highlighting the skills you do have rather than the work experience you may not have while still portraying yourself honestly and accurately.

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2. Occupational Research

Once you have your resume in order, you need to start actually looking for a job. Knowing how to look for the right job for you can save a lot of time. The Occupational Research workshop will help you get started by asking you to think realistically about the opportunities that are available in your area.

This workshop includes information on researching your local job market, information about different industries and tips of how to find available jobs.

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3. Job Interviews

Job interviews can be nerve-racking no matter how much experience you have. But if you’re preparing for your first job interview there is the added challenge of not knowing what to expect.

The Job Interviews workshop is designed to guide you through some common interview scenarios and take some of the guess work out of the interview process. It teaches you how to prepare, how to handle difficult situations and what you should do after your interview. It also includes sample questions including difficult questions and questions about limited experience.

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All of our workshops are FREE for youth. Click any of the upcoming workshops below to register or contact us today.

Resume Building

Occupational Research

Job Interviews