Career Quizzes: Discover and explore careers that suit you

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How do you get started with your job search when you don’t even know what type of job you want or what types of jobs are available? Career Quizzes is a software program designed to guide you through the early stages of your job search and give you the information you need to get started.

By breaking down your job search into smaller, more manageable steps, Career Quizzes helps you begin by narrowing down your options and tailoring your search to your specific interests, skills and requirements.

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1) Self-assessments: Discovering suitable careers

When you start using Career Quizzes, you will be asked a series of questions in three different categories: Interests, Abilities, and Work Activities. Based on the responses to these questions, the program creates a list of suitable career options. For example, when asked if you enjoy working with children and you answered “yes”, you may get a career recommendation to pursue a career in teaching.

2) Research: Exploring the careers that suit you

From your list of career recommendations, you can use Career Quizzes to research more about that career. The program includes information like what the job entails, what the job pays and what qualifications you might need. You can learn about careers that you would be well-suited to and also careers that may interest you–but which you might not yet be qualified for. By becoming more familiar with your options you can start to develop a career plan.

3) Job postings: Finding available jobs

Once you find a career that you would like to pursue, you can explore current, relevant job postings from the Job Bank and across the web based on your recommended career options.

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