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4 Workshops to help newcomers to Canada

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We offer workshops and services designed to help job seekers get hired. These events are a great tool for anyone seeking employment in Ontario. But, they can be especially useful for recent immigrants who may face unique challenges when entering a foreign job market. Language barriers, cultural differences, skill or education gaps and even things as simple as navigating public transportation can add extra difficulty to the job-seeking process for newcomers to Canada.

Here are four workshops that we host every month across our 11 branches that can help newcomers adjust to the Canadian job market:

1. Newcomer

This workshop prepares participants for what they can expect while working in Canada. It covers a range of topics like workplace values and employer expectations. Of particular interest for newcomers is information on worker’s rights and responsibilities, diversity in the workplace and workplace legislation like the Employment Standard Act. This is a great workshop for job seekers who don’t know where to begin their search — we try to answer the questions you have about working in Canada as well as the questions you didn’t know to ask.

2. Occupational Research

In this workshop participants develop a clearer picture of their career options. Participants are shown how and where to look for information about the industries and jobs that are in high-demand in their area. Newcomers will benefit from information and guidance about education and training programs to help make them competitive job candidates.

3. Resume and cover letters

A well-written resume can signal to potential employers that you’re a professional, attentive and qualified candidate. But if you have never written a resume before or don’t know what you should and shouldn’t include, this could be a problem. This workshop gives participants the tools to create a effective resume. With plenty of examples and practical feedback, newcomers can learn what Canadian employers are looking for in a resume.

If writing in English is not your strength, we also offer one-on-one resume writing clinics to help individuals prepare their resumes.

4. Building Self-Reliance

This workshop can be useful for people who find it difficult to create and stick to a budget–which can be especially challenging, when there are costs you are unaware of. For example, if it is your first winter in Canada, you may not be prepared for the extra expenses that can come with the cold weather. This workshop helps individuals develop a more realistic picture of their finances through practical tips and hands-on personal budgeting strategies.

Along with these workshops we offer a range of tools and services like mentorship programs, one-on-one interview coaching and access to a full library of print and computer resources to help newcomers to Canada with the specific challenges of recent immigration. All of our workshops and services are free and available to Ontario residents. If someone you know is a newcomer to Canada and looking for a job, we can help.

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