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Futureproof Your Career with LinkedIn Learning

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Whether you’re a new job seeker or a seasoned industry professional, we all face the same problem: an ever-changing and unpredictable work environment. Nobody can predict the future. But by planning ahead and dedicating yourself to lifelong learning, you can try to futureproof your career.

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Futureproofing is exactly what it sounds like. Futureproofing allows you to be as ready and prepared as you can for whatever changes or unfamiliarity the future may bring. When you futureproof your career, you increase your chances of success in an ever-changing work environment.


From small things like tools to large things like entire industries, the job market is always in a state of flux. Technology and the world we live in is always adapting and improving…and so should you.

Trying to futureproof your career will make you a more skilled and versatile person. Which will make you a more attractive prospect for employers who are trying to make the best hires (or promotions) that they can.


While there’s no guaranteed way to futureproof your career, one of the best ways is to further your skills—whether it’s learning new skills or developing the ones you already have.

One of the most convenient ways to develop and learn new skills is through online programs—like LinkedIn Learning.


LinkedIn Learning is an online resource that can help you take your skills to the next level. LinkedIn Learning usually requires a paid subscription to access courses. But VPI program participants are eligible for free access.

With a library of over 14,000 videos, courses, and learning paths on a range of skills-based subjects, LinkedIn Learning is a great way to learn new skills and try to futureproof your career.

Courses are taught by real-world industry experts and cover thousands of topics in “Business”, “Creative”, and “Technology” categories.

For example, if you’re a graphic designer and you would like to learn more about animation, there are courses to help. If you’d like to move up to a management position, there are hundreds of courses on effective management techniques. If you’re thinking of learning to code, you can choose from a large selection of courses on dozens of different programming languages such as Python, Java and Java Script.

LinkedIn Learning includes certificates of completion that you can add to your resume to show employers that you are knowledgeable in that subject. LinkedIn Learning is one of the many ways you can prepare for whatever changes may be coming to the job market and a great way to futureproof your career.

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