Help with hiring for new and small businesses

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Employer Success Story

Employer: The UPS Store
Industry: Delivery service
Goal: Make new hires
Challenge: New business; Sourcing candidates
Focus of support: Job posting; sourcing candidates; financial incentives
Outcomes: New hire; employer satisfaction

“Great and helpful organization, especially for new and small businesses!”

– Sanaz, The UPS Store


Sanaz had just opened a new UPS Store location in Hamilton. As a new business she needed to make some key hires quickly. But as a small business, she didn’t have the time to get the word out about hiring.

Sanaz sat down with the VPI Working Solutions team and together, they came up with a plan to find suitable candidates quickly. The plan included access to VPI’s pool of pre-vetted job seekers and posting jobs on the VPI job board. Because we also work directly with job seekers, we can help small businesses find candidates who are actively looking for work.

Based on the information Sanaz provided, the VPI team was able to come up with a list of potential hires. After meeting with and interviewing the candidates Sanaz made a hire and was able to get her new business off to a great start.

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