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Featured Workshop: Disclosure of Disability

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The word disability is an umbrella term that covers a wide range of conditions. Often, the term carries a negative stigma about an individual’s capabilities. This makes the decision to disclose disabilities in the workplace difficult. It is important to know your workplace rights and the employer’s responsibility in order to accommodate.
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Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for anyone interested in learning about the nature of disabilities or for the best way to disclose their disability to an employer or potential employer. No matter what the nature of your disability, this workshop will be a great resource for creating the workplace environment where you can thrive.

What will you learn?

Through this workshop, you will learn the ins and outs of disclosure and how to make that conversation easy and comfortable. You will also spend time looking at how the law protects people with disabilities in the workforce.

Key topics include

  • What disabilities are
  • Employer obligations
  • To disclose or not to disclose
  • Strategies for disclosure

What are the benefits of taking this workshop?

Taking this workshop will help inform you on your rights as a person with a disability and what you can expect from your employer to succeed in your job. It will show you how to help take control of the conversation so that you can feel safe in choosing to disclose or not.

Once you’ve completed this workshop you will have knowledge of:

  • The full scope of and diversity of disabilities that exist
  • The challenges added to living with a disability because of social perceptions
  • The law surrounding accommodation, your rights, and the employer’s responsibilities to eliminate disadvantages and barriers to create a fair workplace

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