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Having a well-trained team of employees is highly beneficial to any workplace as it can address weaknesses, strengthen skills and offer opportunities for development. Offering training opportunities can also have a positive impact on employee engagement and satisfaction. Through our online Learning Center, employees can access any of the free workshops below, which cover a variety of topics such as conflict resolution, workplace communication and WHMIS. To arrange access for your team, contact us today.

VPI Information Session

This information session describes who we are and what we do, and the free Employment Ontario programs that we offer.

VPI Youth Info Session

This information session describes who we are and what we do, and the free Employment Ontario youth programs we offer. Learn about the program eligibility requirements, benefits and next steps.

Difficult Employees

Got a particularly challenging dynamic with an employee? What can sometimes seem like an attitude problem is often an opportunity to understand your employee better.

This list of resources to help you handle conflicts with difficult people, manage challenging employees effectively, and defuse anger with proper communication.

Effective Communication

There is bound to be someone in your workplace (or in your personal life) that makes you think “What does it take to get along with that person?!” In your place of employment especially, is it prudent to understand communication styles and how to deliver your message effectively.

This list of resources is a combination of eLearning lessons and videos on the effect and importance of proper communication.

Effective Leadership

In this new multi-generational workforce, flexibility in leadership has never been more important. Whether you’re new to a leadership role, or a seasoned manager in your organization, there’s always room for growth when it comes to leading teams to success.

This selection of resources will provide insight and guidance on how to effectively lead people by example and open communication. The videos here explore topics such as setting expectations, giving feedback, hiring the right talent, and cultivating it for success.

Foster Good Talent

It’s not enough to be a good leader anymore; you have to recognize leadership qualities in your employees and cultivate their interest to maintain your top talent. In this competitive landscape, it can be hard to keep great people so it’s important to engage them in creative ways to maintain the desire for long-term employment.

This host of resources includes websites, videos, and presentations on employee motivation, working with young people, insights on why good employees want to leave, and more.

Mental Health in the Workplace

There are many things plaguing the modern worker and it’s our job as leaders to tune into the emotional and mental connection our employees have with their work. Mental health awareness should be at the forefront of any good organization’s list of priorities and this collection of resources will help you look past the struggle and help your staff create a balanced approach to their work.
Topics include stress in the workplace, signs of mental health in the workplace, approaching and managing depressed employees, and more.

Millennials in the Workforce

Do you struggle to connect with the newest generation of today’s workforce? How are you coping with the seemingly ambivalent approaches you may be experiencing? Could it be that there’s just a gap in understanding, and they’re actually desperate to contribute in a meaningful way?

This list of videos and presentations flips our notions of the Millennial and Generation Z employees on it’s head and helps us recognize that with a little more listening and an adjustment in approach, we can make a difference in these young people’s passion for their work.


This course familiarizes you with the “WHMIS 2015” system and how it is used in workplaces. Learning about WHMIS 2015 is part of the knowledge that you need to protect yourself and your co-workers from hazardous products.

Health & Safety – Supervisors

This Health & Safety training helps you to understand your rights and responsibility as a Supervisor, and tells you what OHSA expects from your employer and you. These are things you need to know and understand so that you and the people you supervise can be healthy and safe at work.

Workplace Communication

Sometimes we say things that are immediately taken the wrong way. Sometimes we hear an attack where none was intended. This course focuses on how to get along in the workplace: we work on communication techniques, assertiveness, and showcasing a positive, likeable attitude—even on a bad day!

Apprenticeship Info-Session

Why is there a push to get more young people involved in the skilled trades? How can skilled tradespeople benefit from sponsoring and training new apprentices? This short info-session is designed to summarize the “soft benefits” of hiring apprentices, as well as the financial incentives.

Creating Strong Passwords

Don’t leave yourself susceptible to online theft and other cyber-crime! This short module covers 10 important rules for creating strong online passwords. You’ll test your own password to see how strong it is, and learn about the latest trend in password security; the passphrase and how to create one.

To arrange access for your team, contact us today.