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20 Online Resources to help Newcomers

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Getting settled in Ontario and finding work can be confusing and challenging so we’ve curated the following list of online resources to help.

We also offer a workshop to help newcomers learn more about working in Ontario. To register, contact us today.


1. Free online English assessment – Online self-assessment tool to help you measure your English skills
2. Find Language classes – Contact information for language classes in Ontario
3. Language classes funded by the Government of Canada – Information about language class options in Canada
4. Enrolling in LINC classes – Guide for signing up for LINC classes


5. Living in Canada – Survey to help you find resources and services specific to your situation
6. Welcome to Canada What you should know – Guide for new immigrants from the Canadian Government
7. Information about Canadian Money – Denomination, changing money, sending money and cultural customs like tipping
8. Discover Canada Citizenship study guide – The official Canadian citizenship test study guide

Housing and Transportation

9. Housing for newcomers – Housing information to help you find a home in Ontario, including renting, buying and managing a mortgage
10. Exchanging an out of province driver’s license – Information on how to exchange an out-of-province driver’s license
11. Public Transportation in Ontario – A list of transportation services in Ontario including buses, trains and subways

Health care

12. Apply for an Ontario Health Card – Information on how to obtain an Ontario Health Card
13. Health Care Connect – A program to help people find a doctor. you will need a valid Ontario health card and an address.


14. Elementary and secondary education – Information about education in Ontario, including enrolling children in school
15. Get your credentials assessed – A guide to getting your international credits assessed
16. Credential Assessments – A step-by-step guide to finding out if your international credentials will be recognized in Canada


17. Creating a Canadian-style resume – Tips for creating a resume for Canadian employers
18. What to include or exclude in a Canadian resume – A list of things to remove from your resume for Canadian employers
19. Preparing for a Canadian job interview – Tips on preparing for a job interview in English
20. Useful English words to use in job interviews – A list of English words and examples to describe yourself and past experience

While we don’t offer pre-arrival services, we can support you once you’ve arrived. If you’re a newcomer and need help with your job search, contact us today.