Current workplace issues under review in Ontario

Current workplace issues under review in Ontario

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The Changing Workplaces Review is a Ministry of Labour analysis of the current state of the Ontario workplace. At the end of the review Special Advisors will submit a final report that will make recommendations and present options for changes to labour laws in Ontario. The recommendations in the final report could inform the most significant changes to Ontario Labour Law in 15 years–specifically reforms to the Labour Relations Act, 1995 and the Employment Standards Act, 2000. The final report is expected to be submitted this Spring.

An interim report was submitted in July 2016 and includes in-depth summaries of some key labour issues and options for addressing them. According to the interim report, “the objective of this Review is to improve security and opportunity for those made vulnerable by the structural economic pressures and changes being experienced by Ontarians”. With that in mind, here are some of the issues that you can expect to see in the final report later this spring:

At this stage, the Changing Workplaces Review is still only an interim report and there is no timeline on when (or if) any reforms will ultimately be enacted. But this report can help gauge the political temperature of the Ontario workplace and give you a sense of where the law might go in the near future.